November 2014

Wow, it has been a long time since we've updated this page. More than 2 years. A few things on that.

Anyway, we are back up and running, and have a show on December 5, 2014 at Tomcats West in Fort Worth.

Most of the stuff we've been doing is getting all the songs back in working order, but then it's on to writing more music, and hopefully getting new stuff out soon!

I'll promise to try to update this more, I swear on it!

June 2012 Update

We're still going strong. We've been on a bit of a show hiatus mainly due to our bass player, Buddy, getting married! Congrats to him, but he's been on a three-week long honey moon, so that leaves us to write and write some more. So far we have quite a bit of stuff namely a 3-4 part zombie concept song and quite a few others that are still in their infancy, but we should have them out by this year. We'll have show updates and stuff coming soon, but right now, it's all about getting new material out to all of you! - Bobby

News songs for 2012

Well, it's been some time since I've updated this, that's mainly because we took off for the 2011 holidays. We're back, and got some good stuff to show you! Mainly, previews of some new songs that we've been writing. They are from a cellphone, so hopefully you can hear what's going on.

Also, we've been playing Dallas a lot and we have plans to do a music video soon and more gamer stuff. So stay tuned, contact us on our Facebook page, and let us know what you think of the songs! - Bobby

Thanks to Trees!

We'd like to thank Clint Barlow and everyone at Trees Dallas for giving us the opportunity to play with Drowning Pool on Trees 2 year anniversary show. It was an amazing show with an amazing turnout and we'd like to thank all our old fans that showed up in strong numbers supporting us and all the waves of new fans we got as well. Hit us up on and social media above to chat with us! Thanks everyone for making it so memorable for us! Rock on! - Bobby

What it is like to see our shows live:

"Something Like Clockwork" the new CD, is out!

Listen to the full album in the music player on the side!

The new album "Something Like Clockwork" can be bought on iTunes, or Zune marketplace!

Also, here are some photos done by Aaron Barton. It's great work by him and we're very thankful for his photos. Contact him if you want yours done as well!

New Album Art

The album art is by Joćo Martins and his work can be seen here: and email him here:

So this is our new album art. The left side is the front of the CD and the right will be the back. We don't have a name for the CD, but that'll come in time. We also don't have a projected date for the CD, but it'll be sometime soon. We'll go ahead and give you a little preview of what it's going to sound like though. We think it sounds pretty good, let us know what you think on our Myspace or email us at

Also, we have an acoustic show coming up on September 18 at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth from 7pm to 9pm at Hot Topic. This show is free, so you really have no reason not to come! Also, we will be headlining the Ridglea Freak Fest on October 24th. This will be a costume party (as it is a Halloween show) so we hope you can make it to that one as well!

No Scope Wins the Fort Worth Weekly 2009 "Best Metal Band Award"

On July 12, 2009 the Fort Worth Weekly was gracious enough to award us with
the 2009 "Best Metal Band" award. We cannot express how much this title and
award means to us and we'd like to thank them for nominating us and
especially thank the FANS for voting for us! We couldn't have won your support,
so thank you all for this recognition. This is a great thing that we can look back
on in our careers are realize just how much people enjoy our music and like us
and it's a great honor and acomplishmnet for us that will always be cherished.
And hopefully, it will help propel our career even further forward! Here's hoping...

We had a killer show with Amercian Lab Rat on July 18 and it was great for
them as it was their CD release and we all packed the house with over 400
people there into little old Ridglea Theater. It was pretty amazing as the crowd
was super lively and it was quite honestly one of the most fun shows for us
to play. We busted out three of the newer songs and they went over very
well. Right now we are still in the process of writing and pre-production of
those songs, so it was nice to test them and see how responsive the crowd
was to them and the positive enthusiasm we received about them.

So we hit the studio soon in the next couple of weeks, and we're pretty stoked
about it. The reactions to the songs have been great and we are very eager
to get the recorded versions into everyone's hands, so patience; they will be coming soon.

June 12 Show at Ridglea Theater, Guitar Endorsement and Shirts Online!

Here's a little update as to what's going on. So, we have a show June 12th at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas. We hope to see you all there as it's going to be our first show of our summer "tour". We're planning on playing a lot of shows this summer outside of the DFW area to spread the word, and hitting some pretty far out cities (Corpus Christi, whoo hoo!)

I suppose the biggest news is that we are starting pre-production for the next CD!!!
That means we are going to start recording the songs we have ourselves to go
over them and make sure they are the best they can be (they are pretty rocking
right now, and we can't wait for everyone to hear them), and then we are hitting
the studio in August at Fort Worth Sound to professionally record them. This CD is
about dreams and nightmares as a theme, so hopefully it's something that you all enjoy!

Also we got endorsed by Flaxwood Guitars! Check them out Flaxwood Guitars.
We will have pictures soon of the guitars, but for now:

Also check out all the other dates we are playing over the summer, as we're hitting
quite a few cities! And check out the Merch Link to order shirts online!

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